INITIAL-INDUSTRIES is the workshop of all INITIAL branches. We transform nature’s resources into tangible products.


We produce the material needed by other INITIAL branches and other customers.



INITIAL-INDUSTRY resolution is to predict trends in our unstable market to be able to make cost-effective investments for its clients and employees. INITIAL-INDUSTRY makes human progress possible through economic stability and ethical investments, for the prosperity of our world.



Our vision is to educate people about safe, reliable financial decisions. Stability is the key for innovation and it all begins with thoughtful financial decisions. We aim at progressively making people aware of their finances, starting with our organisation and our partners. We want to eliminate economical crisis through awareness.

INITIAL-INDUSTRIES is proud to have a multi-ethnic workforce that works across 16 countries around the world.


Plastic Production

Our plastic chemists have extensive knowledge in product formulation.

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Wood Carving

Having hundreds of types of woods and a variety of designs.

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Carbon fiber Production

INITIAL-INDUSTRIES has been producing carbon fiber parts since the last 10 years.

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Environment being at the center of our priorities.

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INITIAL-RECYCLING has been increasing its production by 8% more last year.


You have experience in investment banking and you are looking for brand-new projects with massive potential outcomes ? We use our privately managed funds to increase the wealth of our divisions and employees. The possibilities here are enormous, apply here to be part of the team !

Manufacturing and Quality Engineer

Our Manufacturing and Quality Engineer are passionate and analytics masters. Are you one of them?

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Our production worker are all about giving the right advice for each and every of their clients.

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Being a plant operator is demanding, yet very rewarding. Join us and see for yourself.

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Got questions for us? Make sure to get in Contact with us.

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